Sunday, March 7, 2010

From the mixed up files of Ali

Ali was my British writer companion of Chiloe, so these are from her facebook album. That's us below in Chiloe's National Park (such a good one!) Oh for the days of mascara. Can't wait to have luscious eyelashes again.
And, I just have to point out, do you see how absurd my tan is? And trust me, it is much more noticeable when you see me in person. I am pretty sure the first thing I am going to hear from each and every friend when I get home is 'Holy hell you are tan!', or something with the same intent. I didn't know it was physically possible for my skin, lily-white of hue, to turn this color. I actually am missing my days of being pasty-white, I don't think a tan suits me. Though maybe things will balance better when I can use makeup again. And my freckles are bright and bold, which I don't object to in the slightest.

And that is Georgie on the right, a certified lady from England. (She went to a fancy Lady's College.) Good times feasting on bread, cheese, and vegetables as we watch a beautiful sun set over the bay of Ancud, Chiloe.


Sven said...

You look a lot like Ester Yoder in this picture. Did you know her well/at all?