Friday, April 2, 2010

Jobs with benefits. Unfortunately not those kinds of benefits. Or those.

But the benefit of bringing me to all different parts of this beautiful city/area. Parts that I wouldn't normally go to or spend time in. Places like Staten Island (first pause in Battery Park, then free ferry with great view of the skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Statue of Liberty!) A beautiful drive through Connecticut. The East Side, midtown-ish, where, apparently, the city's attractive young wealthy men have been hiding. Flatiron, great shopping. Union Square. Well, this is one place that I certainly would be if I didn't have this job, as it's one of my favorite areas of Manhattan. Likewise, Soho. If only I could live in Soho. Queens... ok, there's not much to say about Queens...

And today I spent the afternoon in the Financial District. Who would have expected that this playground of suits had such beautiful architecture? Spires, gargoyles, gilt clocks abounded. It was a glorious day, and I happily wandered around Wall Street for a while after I left the store. I kind of felt like I was in Gotham City.
The following is a fantastic graveyard. If you couldn't already tell from my Boston photography, I am a fan of old graveyards. This one's a treasure, right smack in the middle of BUSINESS as it is. Complete with gothic engravings.
I ended up in Bowling Green park. You would think, based on the name, that it used to be a green for bowling. You would be incorrect. But it is the oldest public park in NYC, so that's something. I soaked up some sun while enjoying my refreshments: Falafel wrap, some sparkly herby drink, and a famous mini brownie from Pret a Manger. I love Prets. It may be because I associate them with London, the first place I saw them on a regular basis. It may be that their moniker is French and I understand it. It may be their fresh, delicious food. It may just be that damn good brownie. It may be their whimsical play with food and photography. They are overpriced, but I patronize them anyway. With glee.
Can we talk about how head over heels I am with New York City? I am living a semi-insane schedule, so I am often quite tired/utterly exhausted as I stride down the Manhattan streets, but the beauty of this city is not lost on me. I feel so lucky to live here. It's a city that keeps growing on you the longer you live in it. The first time I visited New York, I'll be honest, I didn't love it, even if I pretended I did. By the fifth time, I liked it ok, but it still felt foreign, large, unfriendly, over-my-head, and maybe even over-rated. (You're wondering why I chose to live here then-- my opinion of NYC dramatically improved during my college years visits.) After living here for a year, I can see that the City just opens up to you little by little. So even if you think it's amazing the first time you visit, you have no idea what you could be experiencing a year down the road. It's the city of endless opportunities and new experiences. The history is thick underfoot and overhead. And even if I may eventually be driven insane by the anxiety and frustration caused by the Metropolitan Transportation System, and Starbucks lines, I am loving every day I have here. Despite that homeless man cursing at me.