Saturday, May 1, 2010

the way I see NYC

Sorry for the interruption in programming, folks. I swear, one of these days I'll find a balance. I finally moved into my new place, so my hour here and there of spare time is going to unbelievably slowly unpacking. But I have been thinking of the ol' blog as I've scurried from one appointment to job to lunch to job to bar to girls etc. Here's a log of my last month in the City, as my iPhone sees it. (Using Hipstomatic and Tiltshift Generator applications.)

Spring is coming!

What could be cuter than a chubby stripy baby? I hopped down to Pennsylvania for a day to visit the Thomasons (sister and fam) for Easter. This is my adorable nephew, the Tobester.
Oh Chrysler Building, you steal my heart every time, and remind me where the hell I am.
Spending plenty of time on one of these, as my job regularly takes me out to Long Island, Connecticut, Westchester. Train=romantic. Even the LIRR squeaks by with that label, as the trees slide past.
(Favorite train moment: approached by a wayfaring Mexican drag queen at the 125th train station, he had fled from his homosexually-intolerant mother-country, traversed up the Eastern coast, only to arrive in NYC, his new home, with nothing else but the clothing on his back. ALL OF THIS RELATED IN SPANISH, AND I COMPLETELY UNDERSTOOD IT ALL! I gave him my strawberries and a ride on the subway.)
I am not going to begin to gripe about my transportation challenges with the train schedule. Let's just say circumnavigating the entire continent south of the U.S. was easier for me. And that includes a language barrier and a generally relaxed attitude towards punctuality. This may just be a personal challenge, who can tell.
Plenty of this. Tall Peppermint Mocha with soy milk, please.
My favorite cafe in Soho! Cafe Ceci Cela. (Oh how my French comes in handy.) The service sucks, but you can't beat the food, coffee, prices, ambiance, or location.
Bookshop dedicated to travel literature. My kind of place.
My sister Emily came to visit with the chillens! We visited the Museum of Natural History. If slightly dated, CLASSIC. And we snuck in without paying- win!

Fantastic subway art in Brooklyn.

Union Square= one of my favorite places in Manhattan. Farmer's Market? Love.
Crashed at Opulence (the well-deserved name of their apartment) for a weekend of fun with the girls in Brooklyn.
Soaking in some sun in a field in Central Park. I laid there for a good hour and a half on Thursday after moving in the morning. It was BLISS.
Central Park=Love.

More coming soon. Stay tuned.