Sunday, June 21, 2009

Run Freedom Run

This island has quite a history. There are so many people jam-packed onto it that every crevice is filled with history. Sarah and I ventured into the dark to witness some modern commentary in the form of graffiti. Freedom Tunnel used to be abandoned, and sheltered a shanty town of hundreds of the island's homeless. When trains started coming through again, the homeless were pushed out into the city, and an unintentional art gallery came into being.
The entrance is slightly difficult to find, and once we did we documented our feelings upon venturing into the dark. Sarah was excited, I was excited and a little nervous. Sarah swore she would cut anyone who came near, but I had more confidence in my cell phone than Sarah's knife.

Walking through the dark tunnel, grating in the ceiling allows shafts of light to come through, illuminating walls where countless graffiti artists have come to make their mark.
We found some stunning work, but the most beautiful works of art came after my camera died, perhaps 2/3rds of the way in.

From time to time a train comes blasting through, so I suggest you stay off the tracks.

The first thing we saw entering the tunnel, was a small shrine made up of this stuffed duck, and a book "Expect Nothing; A Zen Guide".

I think abandoned objects and places are fascinating. Everything about this tunnel made me think about and imagine existing in a post-apocalyptic world, and how what people leave behind would describe how we live.
Stay tuned for more adventures from las dos viajeras.

Love as always, Laura