Friday, March 5, 2010

End of the line

Here I am. Final stop: Buenos Aires.

It feels a lot like New York City. I hope that once I get out to some other neighborhoods it will feel more foreign. Even if it doesn´t, I have need of some city things, like a pedicure. Because my feet, after almost 5 months of flip-flops or Chacos, trekking through the entire spectrum of temperature and humidity, need some professional help. In fact, I may have to go get 2 pedicures to really complete the job.

Barriloche was nice. I met some nice people, trekked through some beautiful country. I felt like I had to get my fill of green and growing things before heading back to NYC in the dead of March. A lot of the trees there are HUGE. Just so deliciously old. And there were acres of hills and fields overflowing with Christmas trees. It was dramatic scenery. Barriloche, as in the town itself, is far too touristy for my taste. And it felt like Midway (Utah) on steroids. It is the so-called Switzerland of South America, so there´s plenty of chocolate to be eaten. Impressively, I only had chocolate one night. I know. I think the nutella that some silly traveler left on the free food shelf satiated any cravings I may have had. Silly, silly traveler.

This weekend is the Oscars in the States. I know that I hardly ever agree on who is awarded what, and I usually end up being frustrated by the time the credits roll, but I am a little sad I am missing them. Well, actually a lot sad. The Oscars are like my Superbowl. I LOVE the film montages. Seriously. They give me loads of chills every time. I LOVE MOVIES! And the achievements of the film industry throughout its short history are so impressive, and so moving to me. Tonight I bit the bullet and finally saw Avatar. I figured I better see it on the big screen, and I hoped it might be cheaper in Argentina (I´m not sure it was). I was prepared to be underwhelmed. But I really did enjoy it. Yeah, the writing could have been better (it boggles my mind when directors can´t recognize when they should delegate to someone more talented. It just works out better for everyone involved...) Yes, it was basically the love-child of Ferngully, Pocahontas, Princess Mononoke, with a little Sailor Moon thrown in. But it told a good story, it had a good heart, and it was technically told very well. Maybe I am just a sucker for an environmentally-friendly-fueled film, but I responded to it. And I think the power of films to connect human beings, and inspire them, is close to magic. I think it is beautiful. And far too often underappreciated, and squandered in the name of sheer entertainment.

Anyway, enough rambling. Tomorrow I am off to Recoleta. I will try my best not to break into song at Evita´s grave, but I can´t promise anything...