Friday, March 5, 2010

From the meat-eating land of Argentina, a book recommendation.

This is the book I have downloaded onto my iPhone as my Emergency Book. In case I am caught somewhere without my book (unlikely), or in case I cannot find a suitable book in a book exchange on my journey (likely). So I have been reading it off and on ever since I left NYC. And it sure makes me glad I have been a vegetarian for over ten years. And a vegan for the last year. (A relaxed one, I will admit, but I am ever more inspired to embrace that 100% once I get back to the States.) A book that is as thorough a review of the meat industry in the states as you can find, and written by one of my favorite writers. Win.

I recommend.


Anonymous said...

what you're reading about in that book and the way the meat industry works in argentina are two different things

A Jew and an Ex-Mo Go To South America said...

Yup, I am absolutely aware. And I made sure my readers are too-- if you take another look at the post, you'll see that I said the book is a review of the meat industry in THE STATES.

Sven said...

I love meat.