Monday, December 14, 2009

Planning on continuing the journey as previously planned, but cutting out Brazil. Brazil is just so massive, and really deserves a trip in itself (though you could say that of any of these countries). But it would give me a lot less land to cover in my last two weeks, and give me some extra time if I want to pause some place to work, volunteer, or WWOOF. Because money is an issue. Making my way to Buenos Aires in 4 months sounds a lot more doable than also heading up the eastern coast of this gigantic continent.

I do not, however, have any idea how to change my plane ticket. Here we go.


Rebecca said...

I think it's great to give yourself a more leisurely pace. There's no point in having an adventure if you're too busy to enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I dont understand what happened. Will someone let me know... Sarah ditched and went home? Why?! and How...!?

Anonymous said...

Well, Sarah met a boy (week 2?), ditched Laura for 4 weeks or so, and when they met up again told her that she was leaving for New York in 5 days. She will probably go to Norway to live with her new boyfriend.