Monday, December 7, 2009

Perched in the beauty of the mountains.

Santa Elena. I feel like it´s my convalescence.

I ziplined through the canopy this morning. Great fun. And did the closest to bungee jumping I´ve experienced so far-- the ´Tarzan Swing´. I sreeched. The Tican guys working there flirted with my quite a bit, and they were very cute. Good morning.

Yesterday I hiked out to San Luis waterfall in the cloud forest. Saw the sunrise and a rainbow on my way there. It was completely deserted, AMAZING. It took me maybe an hour and a half-- 2 hours to get there, though I was taking my time. Then I spent a few hours there and hitched back. I was so happy. Tiny paths, forging streams, crossing wobbly logs. Perfect. Mossy. Beautiful. Not touristy. Special. My favorite thing here.

I really could move here.

Every morning I wake up, walk a block to the local bakery, buy some fresh baked cinnamon bread, and eat it with my free coffee. Such simple happiness could be mine, if I always find an apartment by a bakery. That should be the plan from here on out.

I finished that book. I´m a little concerned by how close to home it hit on many different levels. But beautifully written. I picked up another book the other day for $1, so now I´m carrying around 4 books waiting to get to a good book exchange. It´s ok, it´s been totally worth it.

One more day here, then on to the Nicoya Peninsula and reunion with Sarah finally. I´m really savoring my last day and a half here. And Eva arrives tomorrow, that will be a happy reunion indeed.

And now I´m going to drink more free coffee and lay in a hammock, thank you very much. And yes, study some Spanish.


Rebecca said...

Oh, that sounds LOVELY. I'm so glad you've had such beauty and peave there. That's always so great for the soul. You're doing brilliantly. Keep it up.

Amy-Alisa said...

Why do bakeries bring so much joy in life? One of the great mysterious to ponder. It definitely has to do with the smells.