Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I woke up this morning to start asking vague questions in spanish about going to Colombia. The living area is full of people drifting around talking about different ports or dollars or cities that are completely foreign to me. So far I have gathered little useful information but apparently I could go on a cargo ship to a port near Colombia, sleep on the floor or in a hammock, maybe work on the ship, show up in a town I know NOTHING about it, and take a bus to Colombia? Or I could go 2 hours away to Portobelo, take a boat out to the different ships floating in the dock, and say Hey Captain, would you take me to Colombia if I worked on your ship?

This all sounds so completely out of my element my mind is a little, and by that I mean majorly, boggled. This is when I need a partner.

Time to continue asking completete strangers what they know about getting to Colombia.

In the meantime, picture me on a cargo ship filled with latin men. Whaaaaat.


Unknown said...

cargo ship filled with latin men? dammit laura, how did you know what i wanted for christmas?