Sunday, June 5, 2011

Running on croissants, cappuccinos, and steel-cut oatmeal.

Not my ideal diet, but I guess things like this happen. I just don't make the best choices when I'm tired, just worked out, am therefore impressed with myself, feel like I should reward myself, and then have a coffee date. At least I got to that 11 AM spin class. Since I was still up this morning when the sun was rising at 5 AM, eating baklava on a stoop around the corner, I am surprised I made it to the gym. The memory of that falafel drove me to it.
Speaking of falafel, I was at the world-famous (well, NYC-famous?) falafel house on Macdougal, waiting in line like all the other bar-closers, when a brawl breaks out in this TINY falafel house. Macho idiocy at its finest. The rest of us were just like 'Cut it OUT guy, we just want falafel!'

I love the power of the high heel to instantly provide that little umph of sex-appeal, and of course the whole legs-looking-great trick. You definitely feel different walking down the sidewalk to the click of a heel. But I do not love how I cannot practice my usual speed-walk, I'm really quite impatient. Maybe I'll like them better when I don't live in a walking-city.

Last weekend, Rachel and I spent the most delicious evening, night-strolling around the uber-charming, quiet West Village streets, and ended up at a lovely cafe/wine bar, Doma. We split a bottle of prosecco, and whiled the late hours away with conversation. On the meander back toward 6th Ave, we passed a packed bar, Highlands. It's a modern 'Scottish gastropub' specializing in whiskey and Scottish ales. Now I am not partial to hard liquor, I'm more a fan of the vine, but I did like the vibe to the place. And I couldn't help but notice the high percentage of attractive men in there, and I liked how it is nicely off the beaten path. So I made a mental note, and Rachel and I headed back there last night.

I feel like I am just way behind when it comes to the dating game. For years I was shy/had low self-esteem/was slightly socially awkward. So I am still learning. ALL the time. Oh my but this learning curve just isn't ending. But last night I showed up to this bar, I was wearing a favorite dress, some high heels, had a great wingman, and was feeling confident and happy. And I behaved in a manner I've always thought out of my reach. Rache and I had a great time, met some interesting gentlemen, and didn't even notice the hours ticking by til we were headed back to my neighborhood for the afore-mentioned falafel and noticed birds singing and the sky slowly lightening behind the Empire State Building. Oh summer nights in Manhattan, there's nothing like you!

As much as I love a good sleep, I really just wished I could stay up and head straight into my day. I cut my sleep to 5 hours so I wouldn't waste my much-prized Sunday off in bed. And considering that short sleep, I was fantastically productive on my lazy sunday: gym, shower, coffee/lunch, date, grocery shopping, catching up on emails, blogging, and even a little housecleaning.

And on to another week.


Sven said...

Man. So many words in your posts make me feel lame and uncultured (e.g., gastropub). Glad you had fun today. It's great to see you blogging again.