Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The keys to my new nest

There are about 15 posts I have knotted into a big ball of words in my brain from the last two insane weeks of my life. And now that I have the KEYS to MY APARTMENT in the West Village (!!!) I surely will have little to no time to untangle them onto this screen. Because I will be packing my life into little boxes, again. And then I fly to Mexico, because that's just what you do in the summer.

But I sure am going to do my best, so stay tuned.


colby moore said...

When something is bugging you, it is difficult to concentrate on your current tasks. By the way, how was living in your new apartment? Are you done with decorating and organizing all your stuff? I hope to see some photos of your new nest!

Jeremy Albelda said...

I really enjoy your writing style! Are you currently in Mexico? That's my favorite country in the whole world and I lived there last winter in a city called Queretaro which is amazing! Check out my blog if you're interested, I have a lot of posts on my time there. Really looking forward to see what you have to say about your trip... Http://

Clorinda Altavilla said...

Congrats, girl! Do you still live in this apartment, and do you have plans to move to a new one? My husband and I are planning to move to a bigger house, but we're still looking for a good place to move to. Can you give some suggestions? Thanks!

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