Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some quick pics.

Darren, Ellie, Jonas. At the top of Pyramid IV in Tikal.

Darren at the top of Pyramid IV.

This is the most famous pyramid at Tikal.

The gang loafing at Tikal.
Part of the waterfall I jumped off.

My feet are so dirty. You have no idea.
On my 9 km hike through the Guatemalan mountains outside of Lanquin.

The guy on whose bike I hitched a ride back to Lanquin.

Eddy and Eva in Antigua, without the smoking Volcan Fuego behind them.

On the way up the Volcano.
Just entering the scorched section of the Volcano.
At the top of the demon volcano Pacaya, above the clouds at sunset.

My spanish teacher, Cony!

Volcanoes are always a presence in Antigua-- this was last night at sunset. There are multiple volcanoes ringing the town.


Rebecca said...

That picture at the top of the volcano is beautiful.