Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just a few

Our first day on the trip. Pretty good start. This is Playa Delphine in Cancun, in the Hotel Zone. There was hardly anyone on this beach.

Chichen Itza had fantastic goodies to buy. I bought one of these guys, I LOVE them. And I obviously loved them all sitting in a row together even better.

Forest of pillars at the Chichen Itza ruins.

After climbing up on some ruins (that weren't behind ropes), we caught a great view of the top of El Castillo over the treetops.

Unfortunately not the right direction, but here's a requisite foot shot.

A church in Valladolid-- a town we stayed in for one night after visiting Chichen Itza.

Tulum. Guh guh guh. The most beautiful beach I may ever encounter. I wished I could take a picture from the waves, because swimming out in that gorgeous warm water, gazing up at the cliffs and the ruins, is stunning.

Tulum at sunset.

Frenchie's! Where we got our Scuba Diving certificate. For 4 days I woke up, made eggs, walked barefoot to class at the dock, and spent most of the morning under the sea. Having your classroom be a sandy circle in the midst of a coral reef 33 feet below the surface is pretty incredible. And everyone at Frenchie's is fantastic.

We spent an afternoon babysitting Tyler, the son of the overseer at one of our hostels in Caye Caulker. He was so sweet, and so beautiful! More pictures to come. He brought out Sarah's maternal side. Hmm, is the clock ticking, Sar?

I wish I could put so many more! But the files are pretty large when taken with a D-SLR, so they take a while to upload. Now that we're getting into Guatemala, which is much cheaper, i will try to find more internet cafe time to catch up a little better. I feel like I could write a post a day if I just had the opportunity!


Anonymous said...

A post a day at least, I'm sure. What is the scale on those devils? Will it travel with you?

Amy-Alisa said...

I agree, Tulum was also my favorite ruins. It's absolutely gorgeous. Ah, makes me so nostalgic. Where's a Mexican Coke when you need one?

A Jew and an Ex-Mo Go To South America said...

They had all sizes of devil skeletons! Mine was maybe 20", and I sent him to live with Erin for the next few months. Too bad he wasn't in time for Halloween.

Rebecca said...

That beach looks UN.BE.LIEVABLE. And I LOVE the picture of the devils all lined up. You have a nice eye for pictures. And I totally laughed about that kid bringing out Sarah's maternal side.

Anonymous said...

Just what Erin needed.