Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fighting a foul disposition

Here I am in Cusco, Peru, dreams of the Inca Trail dashed to smithereens.

It's the rainy season here in the Andes, and there has been a lot of flooding, a lot of landslides, even a couple of deaths up on the trail. Due to all this, the Inca Trail has been shut down by the government early (it is usually shut down for trail maintenance in February). So instead of striking out into the Andes at 5 this morning, I get to spend all day trying to convince my trekking company to give me my money back. They of course have been giving me a massive run around.

Hostel friends said ¨What's wrong with you, whip out your self-righteous American within! Start pointing your American finger!¨

You guys, if you couldn't tell, that is so not my style. Getting people to give me my money back is NOT my strong suit.

I still can't believe I am not doing this trek. I planned this trip for many months before I departed, and do you know the image that floated above my head when I dreamed of this journey? None other than the Inca Trail leading to Machu Picchu. From all of the other countries, all of the other experiences, all of the other possibilities, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu emerged as the ultimate dream, the ultimate experience. The thing I was looking forward to most. Guuuuuuuuh.

Let me get my money back, and let me wake up tomorrow looking forward to my new game plan.


Sylvia said...

Just think, "What would Sylvia do?" and you should be able to convince that stingy trekking company to give you your money back. I agree, point that American finger and channel your inner ugly American if that's what it takes. You'll never see them again, and it might be kinda fun to go to that point just once.

Anonymous said...

Bummer. Maybe it is better than being stranded at Machu Pichu?

Let's go with that. Much better than dying in a mudslide, anyway.

Good luck playing the Ugly American; I trust a BFA can handle that.

Sue said...

Laura, when I knew you back at little old Eastview Mall, I knew you were a beautiful person. I have just spent the last two hours of my evening reading your blog from start to finish, and I must say, I am in awe. Not only has this opened my eyes to how deep your beauty goes, I am looking forward to meeting up with you again someday to witness in person what you have become through this experience. At the risk of sounding "lecture-y", I am a stringent believer in the cliche "Everything happens for a reason" and from Sarah leaving you to getting mugged (bastards), quite clearly you have gained new knowledge and skills that have and will continue to serve you well in life. You are an inspiration. I am now addicted to you (in a clean and innocent way, of course).

~Sue C.

Sheree said...

Your cousin, Will Budge is in Malargue (I don't know how to do the diacritical markings) in Argentina. If you happen to go there, you might see him. Since he doesn't know you, you'd have to spot him first. Watch for skinny American elders with a big smile.