Monday, August 17, 2009


So we finally made the big investment (aside from plane tickets): our packs. Want proof? One wildly unflattering photo, coming right up!

We both went with the Gregory Deva 70. We got fitted and then put them on hold, and the next day, I picked them up at Paragon Sports in Union Square. At 5pm. On a Friday. Please, for one moment, appreciate the wretchedness of carrying not one but two packs through the Manhattan subway system in rush hour traffic. It was bloody miserable.

Anyway, mine is sage green - awesome, because green's my favorite color. Laura got stuck with the mauve (she is less than thrilled), because it was between that or the green, and I told her we couldn't be cavorting around South America trying to maintain a low profile with matching packs.

I get home and can't wait for Laura to arrive. As soon as she does, the two of us are sitting on the floor playing with our new toys like kids on Christmas morning. Zipping and unzipping, adjusting, rearranging velcro, trying to decipher the mystery of our PacSafe wire covers.

Sixty-three days and counting, kids.

Siempre Buscando,